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How to start a franchise? There is no one answer to it. Hence we are attempting to answer it in multiple blogs. Simultaneously, we are also sharing other useful information.

What is franchise? or franchise kya hai? is the first thing to know when when someone wants to know how to start franchise. Without a doubt franchising has a different meaning to different people, so before going forward, it is essential to have clarity on its definition. Infact, once this definition is clear, then it will enable everybody to be on the same page. Besides, we will look at its modern definition, i.e., the way we discuss and practice franchise today which is as follows



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Advantages of franchising

This video is about top five advantages of franchising from the perspective of a franchisee. Undoubtedly, franchising has some inherited strengths which makes it popular across the world. Though there are many advantages of franchise model for a franchisee and covering all of them in a video is not possible so here are the top five advantages. 
These five advantages are for a franchisee in comparison to someone who manages its own brand. On the whole, advantages of franchising are just not enough for an individual to succeed as there is something more and what is that secret mantra? to know that secret mantra you should watch this video. 


This video is about the reasons and benefits behind of becoming a businessman or entrepreneur and the advantages that an entrepreneur enjoys. In this case, of all the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur shared, some of them would be known and some among them would surprise you. Becoming an entrepreneur and businessman is a choice which many take because they are clear about their future and some dither till the time they find strong enough reason to join the entrepreneurship bandwagon. Do you know your reason to become an entrepreneur? If ‘yes’, then please mention it in the comment box and in case answer is ‘no’ then best of luck to you in search of your reason to become an entrepreneur.






This video is about how risk management could be done by converting pure business risk into calculated risk with the help of six easy tips. Every business has some or the other inherited risk so  only thing that we can do before venturing into a business is that we try to reduce the level of risk as much as possible or do the risk management by getting as much as information. 

As we are living in the information world so getting information is not difficult but the question is, what information to get  and many people do not know that. This is where we are trying to help you with, the information that you need to have before you decide on going ahead with a venture. Once you have that information than you will be in the better position to decide if you want to go ahead with the venture or not thus with that information you would have converted pure business risk into calculated business risk.


The franchise business models are of different types.People unaware of this, miss out on the most suitable franchise opportunity. Many people who want to know, how to start the franchise business are unaware that all franchise business models are not same. Hence let us try to understand these different franchise business models. People interested in becoming a successful franchisee should definitely read this blog. This blog details on various franchise models and their advantages & disadvantages. Click Here To Read

Franchise Models Infographic

This blog tells, who is an entrepreneur along with history of entrepreneurship. Furthermore it also informs about the characteristics and meaning of the word entrepreneur. Also in this blog we will read about reasons for becoming an entrepreneur and the enterprise life cycle. Finally we will read about ten successful entrepreneurs and the quotations for motivate and inspiration.


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