Best Fried Chicken Franchise Opportunity in India With Mr. Fried Chicken

In this blog we will learn how Mr. Fried Chicken is the best Fried Chicken Franchise Opportunity in India.

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Fried chicken as a dish and as a business is famous across India. For people who relish non-vegetarian food, chicken is the preferred choice. And for the people who want a quick grab of a non-vegetarian meal, snack, or comfort food, for them, fried chicken is the go-to food. People have fried chicken with their meals or a quick snack or spend time with their family and friends. Acceptance of Fried chicken as a food product is high across India. Hence, we can safely say that fried chicken is a mainstream food, and it is not a fad anymore.

Apart from becoming a mainstream food, from a business point of view, fried chicken inherits specific strengths like the ease of procuring raw material and preparing it. Anyone preparing the fried chicken can give its touch in the form of giving it a particular taste. Also, it does not take long to prepare the fried chicken, so it is fast food. These factors make fried chicken a perfect business to be in.

Things To Know Before Taking A Fried Chicken Franchise

If individual wishes to start a fried chicken business, that person has the following two option 

  1. Start own brand
  2. Take the franchise of an existing brand. 

Starting own brand or taking a fried chicken franchise have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Depending on its strengths & weaknesses, an individual should decide how to enter the fried chicken business.

Those who want to start quickly with a standardized menu and set systems & processes can look towards taking a fried chicken franchise. Many fried chicken brands are franchising. But it is the following six points that should matter the parson taking a franchise

  • Fried Chicken Franchise should be Within the budget.
  • What is the support provided by the fried chicken franchising brand 
  • How Suitable is the menu of fried chicken franchising brand 
  • Does the taste of the products from a fried chicken franchise appeal to the customers. 
  • Is the fried chicken brand consistently able to provide satisfactory product quality
  • How quickly could a fried chicken franchise be started?

If above mentioned six points matter to you, then the Mr. Fried Chicken franchise opportunity is the perfect way to give wings to your entrepreneurial journey.

If you want to know about, the right way to take a franchise then you can read it here. If you want to know about the role of a franchisee then you can read it here.

About Mr. Fried Chicken

Mr. Fried Chicken or MFC is in the business of fried chicken for the last ten years. Promoters of this brand are two young entrepreneurs Mr. Sagar Bhosale and Mr. Asgar Rangrez. They desired to come out with a spicy answer to KFC that resulted in the (birth of Mr. Fried Chicken) germination of the idea with an eventual outcome in the form of Mr. Fried Chicken. 

MFC has a diversified menu of over 50 items keeping in mind the taste of Indian chicken lovers and vegetarian food lovers. The secret of the taste of their food lies in the special masala that gives flavor and caresses the palates to tempt customers to come again and again. 

Today MFC is present in over 17 locations across India, with most of the outlets are franchisee-owned.

Support For Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise

Now let us come to the most critical part, support From Mr. Fried Chicken to its franchisees. Mr. Fried Chicken provides all the vital support a new franchisee would require to start the business quickly and seamlessly. Following are the critical points of support.

Site Selection

Getting the right location in the franchise business is critical to its success. Hence, the brand’s guidance while finalising the location (among the shortlisted ones) will correct this crucial aspect.


 The brand provides training to the franchise owner and its staff. Training covers all the aspects like taking an order from customers, preparing food items, packaging, delivery, and other miscellaneous parts of the business.

Sales promotion training

 The brand gives sales promotion Training to the franchisee. This training helps the franchisee in attaining the sales goals that it has set for itself.

Tie-up with suppliers

A franchisee does not have to worry about procuring any of the raw-material. The brand does all the required tie-ups with the raw-material suppliers. Importantly, the best part of this tie-up is that the price is much competitive than the rest of the market. In this way, the franchisee benefits from the economies of scale that Mr. Fried Chicken enjoys.

New product introduction

 Mr. Fried Chicken comes out with a new product at regular intervals to keep the menu fresh and customers interested. Additionally, the brand also gives the option to the franchisee to add some products that appeal to the customers and go with the product line of Mr. Fried Chicken. 

Friendly guidance on the issues of concern

 Promoters are just a call away from their franchisees to discuss any topic of concern. Thus, this helps a franchisee, especially in the initial days, to get appropriate guidance.

Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise Models

Now let us come to the most critical part, which is the franchise model. Mr. Fried Chicken has three franchise models for entrepreneurs with different requirements and investment targets.

STAND ALONE/RESTAURANT, Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise Model 

This model is for the people who want to start a fried chicken franchise on the high street with the options of dine-in, take away, and home delivery

  • Area Required (minimum) – 500 sq ft
  • Total Investment (Approx) – INR 25 Lacs
  • Franchise Agreement. – 5 years
  • Royalty – 5%

TAKE AWAY, Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise Model 

This model is suitable for the people who want to take the fried chicken franchise in a food court or as a drive-in on a highway. This is purely a takeaway franchise model.

  • Area Required (minimum) – 200 sq ft
  • Total Investment (Approx) – INR 16 Lacs
  • Franchise Agreement. – 5 years
  • Royalty – 5%

Mr. Fried Chicken Kiosk Franchise Model

This model is suitable for those who want to start a small and profitable fast food outlet in a small space in the market area.

  • Area Required (minimum) – 150-200 sq ft
  • Total Investment (Approx) – INR 8 Lacs
  • Franchise Agreement. – 5 years
  • Royalty – 5%
  • Work From Home, Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise Model 

    Mr. Fried Chicken has come-out with the revolutionary concept of Work From Home Franchise Model in the fried chicken business. They are the first and only fried chicken brand in India that provides this concept for people who want to begin their entrepreneurial journey from their home.

    Mr. Sagar Bhosle (Director, Mr. Fried Chicken) gives the following reason because of which they out with this new model.

    “Our purpose of coming out with this franchise model is to give people a viable, easy to start, and less expensive business. Keeping in mind the destruction that Covid-19 has done to the economy and the earnings of the people, it is our humble attempt to play a small part in helping people to restart their earnings”.

    Advantages Of Work From Home Franchise Model

    1. Detailed training to franchisees and family members/staff on how to prepare food items.
    2. Complete support in tie-up with Swiggy & Zomato.
    3. Best in class coaching on how to take direct orders.
    4. Most appropriate online-marketing training.
    5. Tie-up with all the relevant vendors.
    6. Economical set-up expenditure
    7. Minimal operational expenses as there is no (additional) rent outgo.
    8. Freedom to add other products.
    9. Agreement term for five years.
    10. No royalty for the first five franchisees.

    Work From Home Franchise Model

    • Area Required (minimum) – 150 sq ft
    • Total Investment (Approx) – INR 7 lacs
    • Franchise Agreement. – 5 years
    • Royalty – 5%

    If interested in taking things further then kindly either click this link which will take you to Mr.Fried Chicken website and fill in your details there. Or you can fill the given form, and somebody from Mr. Fried Chicken will connect with you.

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