How To Franchise


Franchisor Definition

Franchisor is a brand owner who grants rights or license to an individual or an organisation to use its brand name, product and systems & process. The rights are granted for a particular territory/location for a fixed term in return of a compensation. 

This definition is the beginning point for those who want to know how to franchise their business/brand.

How To Franchise Your Business With Our Services

1. Coaching To Franchise Your Business

If you are interested to know, how to franchise your business and take your brand towards greater height then look no further. We will coach you to become a successful franchisors by taking you through various strategies and dos & don’ts. Our expert coaching would cover all the phases that a franchisor could pass through.  Our experience will be a great asset to a first time franchisor. 

2. Franchise Model Review

As a brand, if you have already taken the franchising route and have not attained the desired success. Alternately,  you gained success at one point but at present your brand is not popular then we have solution for it.

We provide an assessment of your existing franchise model and highlight the problem areas. Subsequent to the problem being identified, then we work on the solutions.  As a result your franchise model is up and running towards success. Thus you can stop wondering how to franchise your business in the right way.

3. Coaching After Becoming Franchisor

Every successful franchisor needs an unbiased opinion, suggestions, ideas and feedbacks from an external source with expertise in the field. Not only, we could be that unbiased external voice but would also interact with the franchisor and their team.  Further to those interactions, we would share our views on the situation at hand along with the way forward strategy. This proposition comes with monthly retainer-ship.

4. How To Franchise With Right Franchise Model

If you have a business model with the potential to make its presence felt across the country/region/city, then we are the vehicle to realise its franchising potential.

We believe that every brand has a uniqueness which needs to be preserved and promoted while franchising.  As a result of that uniqueness the brand rises above its competitors and create its own market niche.  As a rule, with this mantra we create the franchise business model. Hence as a franchisor your entry into franchising world becomes hassle free and rewarding.

5. Franchise Lead Management

At SG Franchise Advice we believe that the focus of a brand owner should be on franchise operations and product development. Hence, franchising leads should be dealt by the professionals as it is a specialised field .

In our experience, more than 80% of the leads close after an average of 12 telephonic conversations. Thus, as a franchisor, if you call a prospective franchisee, a dozen times then it gives impression of desperation. Alternately, if you do not call as many times then you don’t convert the prospective franchisee leads into franchisee.

The simple solution for the above predicament is that we call your leads, on your behalf. Hence, in this way, the required number of calls are made without diluting your brand equity in the eyes of your future franchisee.

So, from the first call to the potential franchisee, to signing of the ‘Letter Of Intent’ we do all the calling.  Importantly we keep the franchisor updated with MIS reports at regular interval.

kindly mail us your contact details to know more as to how we could be of assistance to you.  We will get back to you at earliest.


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Many people after becoming a franchisee struggle to perform. So if you know someone who is interested becoming a successful franchisee then you can recommend our book franchisee note. Book is available in kindle format on Amazon at this link.

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