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SG Franchise Advice is one stop solution for all prospective franchisees. Importantly, we educate and guide in selecting the right franchise business. We are not brokers hence we are not after people to take a franchise business. With us what you get is, genuine advice only.

Services For Franchisees

Franchisee Coaching

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee and do not know how to go ahead with it, then we are here to help you. We will educate you by taking you through all the basics of franchising business and also informing about the role a franchisee should play.

Once done with our coaching you will have clarity about 

  • What kind of franchise business you would like to do.
  • What is your role as franchisee and how to play your role to perfection.
  • And above all, you would know, if you can become a successful franchisee or not.

Franchise Model Evaluation

If entrepreneurship is your goal, then franchising is the safest highway for your destination. As there are thousands of franchising opportunities in various segments with varying budgets it may become a daunting task to choose the most suitable franchise opportunity. For somebody who is not from the franchising world, could have difficulty in evaluating a franchise opportunity. We can help in deciphering the unknown. We will assess a franchise opportunity on various parameters and share the result with you. Our evaluation will help you by taking a sound business decision.

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If you want to know in detail about all the aspects of becoming a successful franchisee then you can read our book franchisee note. Book is available in kindle format at Amazon at this link.

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