Ekart Franchise: A Complete Guide Including How to Apply in 2022

This blog has all the information including how to apply for Ekart franchise in 2022.

ekart franchise

Whenever somebody thinks of taking a franchise business, they look for franchise opportunities in India with the following features:

  1. A franchise opportunity should be light on the pocket.
  2. That franchise opportunity should deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI).
  3. The franchise opportunity should be from a reputed brand.

In most industries, if an investor chooses a franchise opportunity, light on the pocket. Then it may not get a good brand. If the investor wishes to go with a good brand franchise opportunity, then the investment would be high. Additionally, uncertainty about the ROI of those franchise models would increase the risk factor.

Thankfully there is Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) industry. This industry comply with the preferences as mentioned earlier of the people interested in taking a franchise. Besides, the courier franchise opportunity or logistics franchise opportunity of an e-commerce company is also a great franchise opportunity.

We know that there are two major e-commerce players in the Indian market namely Amazon & Flipkart. Moreover, both of them have their courier/parcel delivery services. Additionally, both these companies give the franchise of their delivery services. Thus, both of them are a great franchise option.We have already discussed how to take the Amazon franchise. If interested, read here. Going further, we will discuss the delivery service franchise of Flipkart, which is called the Ekart franchise.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is a Bangalore based e-commerce company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Both the founders are alumni of IIT (Delhi) and worked at Amazon before starting their venture. Just like Amazon, Flipkart started with the online sale of books. Later on, the company added other product categories like electronics, fashion, lifestyle, and others in its portfolio.

In August 2018, American company Walmart acquired an 81% stake in the company by paying US$16billion. In this way, Flipkart was valued at US$20billion then. With the acquisition of Flipkart, Walmart also got the brands like Ekart logistics, Myntra, and PhonePe.

About Ekart

Ekart logistics is the in-house logistics and delivery arm of Flipkart. Ekart was found in 2009 to meet the new challenges of online delivery. Because of Ekart, Flipkart could bring the concept of cash on delivery and same-day delivery to India. As per the Ekart logistics website’s information, Ekart delivers one crore parcel in a month in 3800+ pin codes.

Ekart is an integral part of Flipkart’s success. Because of Ekart, Flipkart has better control over parcel deliveries and has reduced delivery cost even with the ever-expanding product portfolio of Flipkart. Furthermore, expanding Ekart through a franchising route was also a quick and cost-effective way.

Why take Ekart? Or What are the advantages of the Ekart franchise?

There is no denying that there is much demand for the Ekart franchise. This is especially true among the people who want to start something of their own. The reason for this high demand is the inherited advantages that the this franchise model has, which are as follows:

  1. With the Flipkart franchise, the investor gets to associate with a reputed and prominent brand.
  2. Flipkart logistics franchise is easy to start as the initial investment is not high.
  3. Flipkart delivery franchise has an attractive return on investment. People in knowledge say that within few months, investment gets recovered.
  4. Flipkart has online orders in huge numbers, so the Flipkart franchise gets regular business, thus ensuring steady income.
  5. As the e-commerce market is booming and growing, Flipkart is a significant player in this category and will significantly benefit from it. The growth of Flipkart will result in the evolution of the this franchise business also.

Disadvantages of Ekart franchise

Any franchise business that has advantages also has disadvantages, and the Ekart franchise model is no exception due to the following reasons:

  1. Unfortunately, there is no official information of the franchise model on the company website. Hence people interested in taking the Flipkart logistics franchise do not know how to go ahead.
  2. An Ekart franchisee’s job is only to deliver the Flipkart parcels. So there is no opportunity for them to do business development in that territory and earn additional money.
  3. A Flipkart delivery franchise cannot do business development, which results in complete dependence on Flipkart for deliveries.
  4. An Flipkart logistics franchise cannot book parcels for a courier from the walk-in customers. Hence they miss the opportunity to make additional income.
  5. The future of an Ekart franchise is tied up with the performance of Flipkart. If Flipkart does well, then the franchisee would do well, and if Flipkart does poorly, then the franchisee will suffer.

Role of Ekart franchise

A franchise is an extension of an organisation; thus, it has a specific role to play. Now let us understand the role of an Ekart franchise. 

  1. The first thing that an Ekart logistics franchise needs to do is to set up the office with the required infrastructure and recruit the delivery persons. Going forward, a franchise has to ensure that the business is run as per the company’s laid down guidelines.
  2. A Flipkart franchise has to deliver the parcels of its quota daily. Moreover, these deliveries take place all 365 days of the year.
  3. A Flipkart logistics franchise is required to pick up the return parcels from Flipkart customers. Additionally, they also have to pick parcels from the Flipkart sellers.
  4. An Ekart franchise needs to meet the delivery targets daily. If a franchise cannot do so, company could divide the territory and appoint another franchise there. Alternatively, company could nominate a new franchise altogether.
  5. This goes without saying that an Ekart logistics franchise has to ensure quality customer service while delivering the parcels.

Role of Ekart as franchisor

Now let us understand the support from Ekart to its franchisees

  1. The first support from Ekart comes in the form of training for its new franchisees. The training to new franchisees is about the company, business, and delivery.
  2. Ekart franchisees also get an APP from the company, which gives them complete control over their business.
  3. Ekart logistics franchise get various information mailers and presentations from the company. These initiatives help a franchisee to remain updated with different industry trends.
  4. The most important support from company to its franchisees is to provide specific minimum numbers of the parcels, resulting in the steady income of the Ekart franchise.
  5. Various customer-friendly initiatives like cash on delivery (COD) or same-day delivery help increase order. Thus more business to the franchisees.

What are the requirements to take the Ekart franchise?

Before deciding on any franchise opportunity, it is crucial to know various requirements to take it. Following are the conditions to take the Ekart franchise:

 Investment cost of Ekart logistics franchise

The most critical part of judging a franchise opportunity is to know if the required investment is within the budget or not. In the case of the Ekart franchise opportunity, the expected investment amount is approximately INR 2.5-5lacs.

 Space requirement for Ekart franchise

The franchisee needs 450-600 sq ft of space for office and warehouse. This place should be well connected with the road with the space to park delivery van and bikes.

Other requirements for Ekart logistics franchise

An Ekart logistics franchise needs to arrange for the delivery van and the office infrastructure like a computer and mobile phone with an internet connection, barcode reader, printer, and office stationery.

 Documents required to take Ekart franchise

A person interested in taking the franchise should have the following document:

  1. PAN card, which also works ID proof. 
  2. Adhaar card, which also functions as address proof.
  3. Canceled cheque or Copy of Passbook
  4. Proof of property ownership or property was taken on rent.

How to get the Ekart franchise?

Ekart and Flipkart have not publicly shared any links, website pages, or even an email id. Hence the safest and practical way to apply for the Ekart franchise is to write a letter to the company’s head office and send it by speed post or as a registered letter.

In the letter, interested person (in franchise) should mention the following four things

  1. Purpose of writing the letter.
  2. Information on pin code.
  3. Work experience and strengths of the applicant.
  4. How the applicant is most suitable to take the franchise.
Head office address of Ekart logistics 

The Head office address of Ekart logistics is the right place to courier the application for the Ekart franchise.

Following is the head office address of Ekart logistics

Ekart Logistics, No.111, First Floor, Brigade Manae Court, 

110, 1st main road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 

Bangalore 560095, Karnataka, India 

If you want to know about more courier franchise opportunities and understand Hindi then you can watch this video.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Agreement

Like every franchising company, Ekart also signs an agreement with its franchisee. The tenure of the agreement is four years. After four years, if both the parties are interested, then the agreement is renewed. 

A franchisee should manage the business as per the guidelines laid down in the agreement. If there is a breach of any terms and conditions, the company can terminate the franchise agreement.

If not Flipkart franchise then what are the other options?

Though there are many courier franchise opportunities in India, those interested in delivering only Flipkart parcels can look at the following two options.

  1. Shadowfax franchise: Shadowfax is also a Bangalore based delivery company. Some time back, Flipkart had invested in the company. Shadowfax is one of the delivery partners of Flipkart. As it is a relatively new company, so there are franchise opportunities with the company. Those interested in taking the Shadowfax franchise can find the application form at this link.
  2. Xpressbees courier franchise: Xpressbees is a Pune based company that started in 2015. At present, the company delivers more than fifty thousand parcels in a day. Xpressbees has tie-up with many big brands for delivery of their online orders. One of the brands is Myntra (a Flipkart subsidiary), and Xpressbees deliver their online orders. As it is also a relatively new company, there are many franchise opportunities with the company. People interested in taking the Xpressbees franchise can click this link.

How to Protect yourself from fraud?

There is no clear information about how to take the Ekart franchise. Hence there is fraud happening in the guise of providing the franchise. People can protect themselves from this fraud if they take the following precautions:

  1. Flipkart and Ekart logistics have only one website each, which is flipkart.com and ekartlogisitcs.com, respectively. Therefore do not try to contact both these companies from any other website.
  2. Do not share your contact details on WhatsApp, Facebook, or on any other social media.
  3. Do not pay any money to anybody for providing the franchise.
  4. Meet company officials face to face at their office.
  5. Do not believe any communication is not coming from the official ids (mentioned in point 1).

Frequently Asked Question About Ekart franchise.

This segment is for the people who are looking for the answers to specific questions.

What is the difference between the Flipkart franchise, Ekart franchise, Ekart logistics franchise, Flipkart delivery franchise, and Flipkart logistics franchise?

These are the different names for the same franchise model. Hence there is no difference between them.

How to get the Ekart logistics franchise in my location? Or how to apply for an Flipkart franchise?

Kindly follow the process mentioned under the heading, ‘how to get Ekart franchise’.

Who is eligible to apply for the Ekart logistics franchise?

Any Indian citizen over 21 years and has the required amount to invest is eligible to apply for the Ekart franchise.

What is the Flipkart franchise contact number?

Flipkart and Ekart have not shared any contact number for franchise queries. The numbers circulated on the internet are customer support number for product and delivery queries.

How to apply online for the Ekart franchise?

As there is no official email id or online application form, so there is no way to apply online for the Ekart franchise.

How to write an Ekart logistics franchise application?

Format of the Ekart logistics franchise application is mentioned under the heading ‘how to get Ekart franchise?’ Kindly check that.

What does the Flipkart franchise cost?

Flipkart franchise cost is in the range of INR 2.5-5LACS approximately. It includes the setup expenditure.

Who owns Ekart?

Flipkart owns Ekart, which in turn is owned by Walmart.


In conclusion, we can say that the Ekart franchise is a lucrative franchise opportunity. Unfortunately, the company has not shared sufficient information on how it gives the franchise. Hence it is essential to follow the straight path of applying for the Ekart franchise by writing the application and then sending it through the courier.

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This blog is created solely for informational and educational purpose. Ideas and suggestions given in this blog are not substitute for the guidance under the expert. Readers are advised to do own due diligence before taking action based on this blog. This blog is not warranted for content accuracy. Reader’s discretion is required on ekart franchise.

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